US Territories’ March 21-27, 2022 news week in tweets

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Puerto Rico ends its years in bankruptcy 

Due to a restructuring of the public debt, Puerto Rico was able to exit bankruptcy and officials are hopeful of economic prosperity for the US territory in the future. 

Epstein’s US Virgin Islands homes up for sale

The homes in the US Virgin Islands of the deceased sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, are now on the market. 

Missile defense system is sent to Guam 

The US Army recently sent a missle defense system to Guam that is used to destroy short-range rockets. 

Guam and Northern Mariana Islands basketball teams set to face eachother

From Thursday to Sunday, the Northern Mariana Islands and University of Guam’s teams will compete against each other in a competitive tournament. 

American Samoa sees spike in COVID cases

American Samoa is seeing a large spike in Omicron cases as many states are continuing to ease their restrictions.