Guam Elections: The Republican Camacho-Ada Campaign

by Jun 16, 2022Elections, Guam0 comments

Felix Camacho served as governor of Guam from 2003 to 2010. He decided to run for the governor’s office again because he felt that Guam residents were suffering. 

Guam’s economy heavily depends on the tourism sector, with on average, 1.2 million tourists arriving in Guam every year, generating a revenue of 1.4 billion dollars for the economy and 18,000 new jobs. Due to the effects of Omicron and the COVID-19 pandemic, Guam’s tourism industry has not fully recovered yet. 90% of businesses in the tourism industry are closed and around 30% of Guam residents rely on food stamps. Felix Camacho and his running mate Senator Tony Ada of the Republican Party, are running in this election in order to save the Guam residents. Their new campaign slogan is titled a “New Season.” They want to help the local businesses of Guam combat the severe economical effects of COVID-19 that have been seen under the Democratic governor Lou Leon Guerrero, who is running for re-election. 

Camacho’s plan to help Guam’s businesses is inspired by the actions of red states in the United States such as Florida and Texas. Current governor Leon Guerrero has complied with Biden’s COVID-19 policies, and Camacho believes that simply following science and government is ineffective. He believes that people deserve to breathe and have the freedom to come together as residents. His goal is to allow freedom of choice for businesses. 

Tony Ada previously ran for Lieutenant governor of Guam. He and Camacho want the same for the people of Guam. Few other candidates from the Republican party dropped out of the race and decided to support Camacho and Ada because they believe the duo can best help the people of Guam. 

The Guam Governor elections will take place on November 8, 2022.