GivingTuesday has officially announced the launch of new global hubs in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Known for its global network that aims to inspire generosity, GivingTuesday is aiming to foster growth in youth engagement and community and coalition building, all while strengthening the existing global network. Leaders associated with the GivingTuesday movement help lead local activities, make a community impact, and lift up non-profits, platforms, religious institutions, schools, and more to increase activism, giving, and overall community participation. 

GivingTuesday has impacted many regions, and this expansion in Latin America and the Caribbean will make its footprint much larger. The hubs in the United States have led to incredible community unification and generosity. Thirty-seven million people participated in GivingTuesday 2022, and 10 million people volunteered their time on GivingTuesday 2022. Clearly, the GivingTuesday mission is making its way worldwide, as it is currently in over 85 countries.  

The new hub in Latin America and the Caribbean will promote inspiring stories and programs to spread the message of generosity in the community and worldwide. However, it is also very important to GivingTuesday that it promotes community campaigns as well because they are a critical piece to enhanced outreach. 

The organization has been a light in the world, spreading positivity and kindness. The platform lists radical generosity as one of its goals for the regions they have hubs in, and they hope to increase generosity not only on Tuesday but every day. GivingTuesday has many goals for the Latin America and Caribbean hub, but ultimately it is to promote generosity in the region and celebrate the power of giving.  The movement impact in the region will be one to follow. One can do this by checking out the GivingTuesday Instagram and other social media platforms.