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Author: Gabriella Ciuffetelli

Book of the week: Flash Boys

There’s no denying that the stock market is a gamble. Whether you’re a long-time investor, or buying your first share, the element of chance plays a critical role in your potential success. But what if there’s more to this seemingly conventional truth? What if some players in the market have unfair, and often unseen, advantages in the market? What if some of the world’s biggest financial firms are rigging the system – and getting away with it? In Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, Michael Lewis explores and explains the world of high-frequency trading, offering readers a chance to...

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Leading epidemiologist says Zika should not prevent most travel to Puerto Rico

A leading epidemiologist said travelers should not let concerns about the Zika virus keep them from vacationing in Puerto Rico. According to Dr. D.A. Henderson, who directed the international effort to eradicate smallpox, many concerns about the Zika Virus are unnecessary. “Unless you are pregnant or planning to conceive, there’s no reason to avoid traveling to destinations where Zika may be present,” said Henderson. Currently there is no vaccine for the infection, however Henderson says that transmission of the disease is easily avoidable, and simple steps can be taken to prevent infection. “If you use common sense precautions to...

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Book of the week: Freakonomics

Editor’s Note: Today Pasquines is inaugurating a new weekly series of posts, highlighting recommend books related to politics, policy, economics and Puerto Rico, in partnership with Amazon. We hope you enjoy our installments every Wednesday. Imagine having the ability to understand the motivations of everyone around you. Imagine knowing not only what drives them to make certain decisions, but that you know how to predict, and at times manipulate, their behavior. Now, imagine that there was a one-stop guide that could teach you how to do all of these things. Economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner did exactly...

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Bondholders sue Puerto Rico over moratorium law

A group of bondholders are suing Puerto Rico’s Government Development Bank over the Debt Moratorium and Financial Recovery Act, after claiming it gives preferential treatment to local creditors. The group, which is made up of hedge funds Brigade, Claren road and Fir Tree, updated their preexisting lawsuit in response to new amendments to the original debt restructuring law passed in April. The amendments went into effect in May, and the group says they “skewed the playing field by changing the rules of the game.” They said this created an uneven playing field and noted that prioritizing the rights of select...

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An analysis of Google Search Trends between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Now that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, we here at Pasquines decided to take a deeper look into Google search trends for some more insight into the campaign’s success. The data revealed that search interest for the term “Hillary Clinton” has eclipsed the search interest for “Bernie Sanders” fairly consistently since 2004. Using Puerto Rico as a case study, we can see a trend that follows the national curve. This is the earliest point at which Google has made search insights available, however, the most surprising results were discovered over the course of the last 12...

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