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Author: Jorge Adames Reyes

Backlogs at Puerto Rico morgues are causing a new crisis

It’s no secret that Hurricane María’s landfall and subsequent humanitarian crisis played a large role in unmasking several underlying problems in Puerto Rico’s operational capabilities. Industries like potable water preservation and electric infrastructure saw their efficacy dwindle and their troubles magnified by the storm. Among these hurdles was the inability of the Institute of Forensic Sciences of Puerto Rico to manage the excess number of deaths that Maria brought; a troublesome reality that plagues lawmakers today, more than a year removed from the hurricane. The crisis has been spurred along by families justifiably clamoring to retrieve their loved ones...

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Puerto Rico’s cabinet scandals, in context

During much of January and February, the cabinet of Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló (NPP, D) was riddled with nebulous interactions, controversies, and accusations concerning his cabinet members. The latest of these incidents came on February 13 with the issuance of an apparent contempt arrest warrant for the Secretary of Education Julia Keleher, which was explicitly done to elicit a quicker response from the Department of Education regarding documents the federal government was requesting. Afterwards, a gubernatorial press release clarified that the Department of Education was cooperating fully with authorities, and the warrant was essentially rendered null. In addition,...

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