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Author: Jasmine Carruth

For your next vacation, consider an alternative tourism blossoming in Puerto Rico

The aftermath of Hurricane Maria caused significant damage to the tourism industry in Puerto Rico. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), there was a loss in 2017 of 826,100 visitors to the Caribbean who would have produced $741 million and over 11,000 jobs. Hurricane Maria affected close to 10,000 small businesses, which work with far less business than before. As it stands, most hotels and restaurants have reopened and are welcoming in a record number of visitors post-Hurricane Maria. Unfortunately, many issues remain such as power outages from damaged and outdated grids; a drought impacting 30%...

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Political agendas should not deter progress on pressing issues

Idealism won’t solve long-standing economic and social issues in America. Although Democrats garnered major wins in the midterm elections last November, a definitive victory cannot be seen yet. Investigations are still pending toward President Trump, and progressive deals consistently face major pushback in the legislative branch of government. The Democratic approach to reaching and persuading Americans in the upcoming election requires strategic and well-balanced in order to ensure success. Progressive legislation ranging from environmental issues to economic inequality will not only die in Congress but will also lose trust among stakeholders, unless clear information is presented and bipartisan resolutions...

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