Political agendas should not deter progress on pressing issues

by Mar 18, 2019Opinion0 comments

Idealism won’t solve long-standing economic and social issues in America. Although Democrats garnered major wins in the midterm elections last November, a definitive victory cannot be seen yet. Investigations are still pending toward President Trump, and progressive deals consistently face major pushback in the legislative branch of government. The Democratic approach to reaching and persuading Americans in the upcoming election requires strategic and well-balanced in order to ensure success. Progressive legislation ranging from environmental issues to economic inequality will not only die in Congress but will also lose trust among stakeholders, unless clear information is presented and bipartisan resolutions are welcomed.

Introducing new policies that are steadfast and modern is liable to have opposition; however, challengers use tactical framing to rebrand such reforms as too radical and shifts the public’s focus from actual facts to upholding political lines. For example, Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D) of New York advocates for The Green New Deal, a plan that serves as a proposition to handle economic imbalances and support environment-friendly reforms.  NBC News reported Republican opposition from Representative Greg Walden of Oregon and Representative Fred Upton of Michigan both of whom are members of the House Committees on Energy and Commerce. Critics are more in favor of a realistic and affordable plan. However, political agendas and a fixation on strategic planning instead of clear presentations of issues and details on how policies intend to rectify pressing matters engender a biased, inadequately informed audience.

Regardless of the Democratic party’s “imperfect” solutions, the Republican party is still losing favor with the public. Current events, domestic and abroad, have shown national shortcomings in terms of global relations with North Korea, inconsistencies in factual data with the CIA, and many scandals in the Trump administration flood American news outlets. Americans’ desire for positive change and prosperity remains consistent. Unfortunately, strong opposition between parties causes more harm than good, which manifested itself in the standoff on border wall funding resulting in the longest government shutdown in US history. A lack of structure and inadequacy in the administration will double legwork in rebuilding trust with Americans and global allies.

According to People, twelve candidates have declared their run for the presidency, which includes President Trump who has reportedly begun spending for the 2020 election. Party members that are unwilling to compromise and blatantly disregard the clear challenges that lie before the American people will not move the country forward. This will be a telling election with noteworthy shifts in political ideology from candidates. One and done plans will flounder compared to detailed and thoughtful campaigning for the next presidency.

Ultimately, the future of America will boil down to an acceptable candidate who embodies a balance in conservative conduct with endeavors to take charge of factually pressing issues, like aid relief to US territories, a rapidly changing climate, and the country’s standing in the global community.