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Author: Joseph Rossi

Misconceptions about Puerto Rico: Crime

For the last decade people of all kinds have been hurrying to leave the islands of Puerto Rico for the United States mainland. It makes sense; the island is saturated with debt, has had a rising cost of living, and isn’t a great place to find a job. These have mostly been the reasons people have given when they talk about why they left Puerto Rico in the past couple years.More often than not however, I’ve also seen people write that they left Puerto Rico because it wasn’t safe. Crime has definitely been a problem for the island in...

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Puerto Rico becomes a problem for Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush’s attempted conquest of the elusive ‘Hispanic vote’ looks to be not only failing but actually backfiring on his campaign effort in Iowa. Earlier in the spring Bush was one of the first candidates to visit the island. He took the opportunity to remind everyone that he knows Spanish, married a Mexican woman, and “knows the immigrant experience.” He also was the first and only Republican candidate to tackle the Puerto Rico issue, saying that, “Puerto Rican citizens, U.S. citizens, ought to have the right to determine whether they want to be a state. I think statehood is...

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What voting impact do Latino groups have?

As the 2016 election draws nearer, a plethora of presidential hopefuls are hitting the road and going out to try and snag some of the “Latino vote.” Since 1986 the Latino population in the U.S has increased from 9.1 million to over 50 million in 2012, with much of this growth being in key battleground states the Southwestern states as well as Florida. The GOP thinks they can’t win without them, and the Democrats believe they are the foundation for the democratic vote in the future. If you find yourself under the umbrella of the term “Latino” you probably...

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UN Special Committee on Decolonization adopts Draft Resolution on Puerto Rico Status

On June 23, 2014 The U.N. Special Committee on Decolonization heard from more than 30 petitioners, that after 100 years of U.S. ‘imperialist’ policies the island of Puerto Rico has found itself with crippling government debt, a stunted economy dependent on the U.S., a contaminated environment, and still finds itself without the right to self-determination. At the end the committee swiftly approved a new draft resolution calling for Puerto Rico to be given the right to determine its political status. Throughout the proceedings the U.S. was repeatedly referred to as the ‘colonial’ or ‘imperial power,’ as was explained that...

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Jeb’s Visit to Puerto Rico: Tell Your Friends in Florida to Vote for Me

In the past few months newly minted presidential candidate Jeb Bush, next in line to the Bush presidential dynasty, has been touring Latino communities in key swing states around the U.S. Most notably in Florida, where he held events targeted at the highly influential bloc of Cuban-American voters.  And if you remember, back in April he also made an appearance in Puerto Rico, and seems to have placed the territory at the center of his attempt to reconnect the Republican Party to the Hispanic vote, and gain the respect of Latino communities. Many presidential candidates in the past have...

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