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Author: Stephane Berimbere

Guam set to legalize recreational marijuana

Following the March 7 public hearing that saw the participation of local residents in the debate, the legalization of marijuana in Guam has garnered mixed reactions. The proposed Bill 32-35, authored by Senator Clynt Ridgell (D), named the “Guam Cannabis Industry Act of 2019” will allow adults age 21 and older to personally cultivate, purchase, and use cannabis and cannabis products in Guam, in addition to commercial cultivation, manufacturing and sales of cannabis and cannabis products for personal use. The bill has also received the support of Governor Lou Guerrero (D) who is following up on her campaign promise...

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Guam is paying for the wall

An estimated $750 million from the intended military buildup funds in Guam may be diverted to the building of the wall on the US-Mexico border as part of the emergency declaration made by President Trump. Following this assumption, the Guam Attorney General office wrote on twitter that it “considering its legal options” after the issue was also raised by Guam Delegate Michael San Nicolas (D) who announced on Wednesday that he “has received information indicating (that) Trump’s emergency declaration would negatively impact the Guam military buildup in a substantial way.” The diverted funds represents more than 10 percent of...

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Guam government struggling to maintain websites

The government of Guam has been facing issues with various websites under its authority. One of the affected websites was the Guam Health Professional Licensing office according to acting Administrator of the Guam Health professional licensing office, Marlene Carbullido. The websites are “not functioning as they’re supposed to” due to limited space hence they are unable to put up minutes on there as required by the Open Government Law for various boards under the HPLO. The root cause of these issues has been funding which by the estimates is  between $35,000 and $174,000 to procure the website space needed, according...

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Economy, security among top priorities of Guam’s Leon Guerrero administration

The newly elected governor of Guam, Lou Leon Guerrero has set up a transition team in charge of ensuring the smooth passing down of the territory’s gubernatorial office. Led by Mary Okada, she has emphasized on the fiscal challenges the island is facing, and the plans by the newly elected government to maximize revenues, find ways of generating them and the need for expenditure cuts, as a way of addressing the fiscal challenges. The transition chief hinted on their working on the reports from different agencies in order to address challenges they face, hence find short and long term...

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5 takeaways from the U.S. Treasury’s Analysis of the Situation in Puerto Rico Hearing

Last week, the United States House Committee on Natural Resources held a hearing to hear the analysis of the US Department of the Treasury on the Puerto Rico economic crisis. Here are the top five takeaways from the hearing, which is expected to lead soon to the passing of legislation to address the crisis. 1. Puerto Rico needs equal treatment ‘’Puerto Ricans are American enough to fight US wars, but not American enough to vote for president’’ said Pedro Pierluisi, the resident commissioner of Puerto Rico. In this statement he was referring to one of the different inequalities Puerto...

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