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Author: Victoria Justice

Bipartisan resistance to Russian ties

Several Democratic and Republican officials have expressed discomfort with President-elect Donald Trump nominating multiple individuals who have ties to Russia. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) along with Senator John McCain (R-AZ) among others have expressed concerns with the recent nominations. Their concerns have been specific to ExxonMobil chief Rex Tillerson becoming Secretary of State. Senator Rubio does not deny that Tillerson is a “respected businessman,” however, in Rubio’s view, there are still some concerns with the potential outcome of his new political influence. Ever since the breakup of the Soviet Union Tillerson has recognized a great potential of Russia as...

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PolitEcho visualizes your political bubble

One of the most politically charged places lies within our own social media. Specifically looking at Facebook some individuals are rather particular with the type of friends that they add when thinking about their own political stance. Aiming to show you your political bubble, PolitEcho is a place to show you the political biases of both your Facebook friends as well as your newsfeed. PolitEcho is very interesting and also extremely simple to use. It is a Google Chrome extension and it shows up nice and easy on your desktop. No need to worry about privacy because PolitEcho never...

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With rising college costs, increased bipartisan support for alternatives

Education in our society has been increasingly in demand throughout the past couple decades. In 2014 the immediate college enrollment rate reached about 68%. The amount of students that have immediately enrolled in college after high school has raised almost 10% since the 1990’s. With the rise in demand for a post-secondary education, there has also been a rise in the cost. The average cost for an academic year in a public university has increased about 296% in the past 20 years to about $24,061. For a private university it is has increased about  179% in the past 20...

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Puerto Rico elects first woman Resident Commissioner

Jennifer Aydin González Colón won a historical victory with 48.77% of the votes in the November 8 election against opponent Héctor Ferrer (PDP), making her the first woman Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico. González studied at the University of Puerto Rico, where she obtained a BA in Political Science, and a Master of Laws with honors. González has held numerous leadership positions starting in 2002, where she served as the youngest member of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico for the 4th District. She resumed her position as a Representative in the 4th District from 2005 to 2008....

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The 2016 Election sets the course for the Supreme Court

There has been a vacant seat on the Supreme Court since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February. Scalia began his service as a conservative justice in 1986 under the nomination of Ronald Reagan. However, the recent death of Scalia has left a relatively equal amount of active conservative and liberal justices. This caused a tremendous amount of controversy with the Presidential election. The winner of the 2016 presidential election has an immense impact on Supreme Court rulings down the road. An empirical analysis done by David R. Stras and Ryan W. Scott of Harvard University show that...

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