PolitEcho visualizes your political bubble

by Dec 15, 2016Elections0 comments

One of the most politically charged places lies within our own social media. Specifically looking at Facebook some individuals are rather particular with the type of friends that they add when thinking about their own political stance. Aiming to show you your political bubble, PolitEcho is a place to show you the political biases of both your Facebook friends as well as your newsfeed.

PolitEcho is very interesting and also extremely simple to use. It is a Google Chrome extension and it shows up nice and easy on your desktop. No need to worry about privacy because PolitEcho never sends personal information to external sources.

PolitEcho does a very extensive analysis on your Facebook feed and can show you exactly how similar or different your friends are when it comes to political views. Without any base of knowledge about how politically polarized your social media is, it is extremely difficult to understand the actual popularity of a certain candidate.

For example, it is easy to think that your preferred candidate is also preferred by the majority population if your entire news feed is based on support for that individual. However, with PolitEcho, it is a lot easier to understand that even though your news feed favors a certain candidate, that might not necessarily be the most popularly favored candidate in the nation. This google extension provides for a more realistic view on potential political leaders and it is open for anyone to try at Gitbhub.