Puerto Rico’s December 5-11, 2016 political week in tweets

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Michigan Republican Party Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel is Donald Trump’s pick to be the next RNC chair

As an official announcement is expected this week, president-elect Donald Trump is projected to select Ronna Romney McDaniel as the next chair for the Republican National Committee. Romney McDaniel is the niece of former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and has served as the Party Chair for Michigan Republicans up to this point.


After Wisconsin Recount is Finished, Trump Actually Picks Up 162 Votes

Following the twelve-day recount of presidential votes in Wisconsin, Donald Trump still came out ahead, actually picking up 162 votes in the process. Green Party candidate Jill Stein initiated the recount, also trying to get Pennsylvania and Michigan to do so.


Marco Rubio Introduces Bill to Increase Wages in Puerto Rico

A member of the Congressional task force on economic growth in Puerto Rico, Republican Senator Marco Rubio put up his Economic Mobility for Productive Livelihoods and Expanding Opportunity (EMPLEO) Act today. The EMPLEO Act would immediately increase the wages of those working in Puerto Rico and make the hiring process cheaper and smoother, thus benefiting both the employee and employer.


Protests Over Coal Ash Dumping in Puerto Rico Increase

With environmental protests in Flint, Michigan and in North Dakota, Puerto Rico is starting to see growth in protests on the disposal of toxic coal ash in landfills on the southern part of the island. The most recent demonstration included over 1,000 protesters, a big jump from the small showings back when the movement started in 2014.


According to Survey, Less Than 50% of Puerto Rico’s Small Businesses Aren’t Making Money

After conducting their survey from March-May of 2016, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York received feedback saying that 34% of the 1,295 small businesses who responded weren’t making money. Puerto Rico’s private businesses employ over 80% of the island’s workers.