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Author: William-Jose Velez

Why Is Puerto Rico Burning Oil to Generate Electricity?

[styled_box title=”SLATE” class=”sb_orange”] Why Is Puerto Rico Burning Oil to Generate Electricity? [/styled_box] Daniel Gross at Slate takes a look at the current disastrous state of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, and how it still uses oil to generate more than 60% of the electricity consumed in the US territory. Of note, is that Puerto Ricans consume less energy than Americans on the mainland. From the post: “But to gain critical mass, Puerto Rico needs all these and dozens of other plans to get approved, financed, built, and connected quickly. And that requires the active cooperation of PREPA, the dysfunctional, struggling power authority. In an article in Caribbean Business earlier this week, Julian Herencia, executive director of the Puerto Rico Renewable Energy Producers Association, accused PREPA of reopening solar agreements that were struck under the prior administration, holding up projects, and generally dragging its feet. Puerto Rico is stuck on oil in large part because it lacks the funds and capacity to build new distribution and finance the rapid rollout of renewables. And it lacks the funds and capacity in part because it is stuck paying such a high price for electricity due to its dependence on oil. Catch veinte-dos.” Catch veinte-y-dos...

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PRSSA announces tight elections schedule

It looks like over at the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association someone finally remembered their constitution requires elections every year, with the student organization making an announcement about this year’s process over the weekend. According to the Constitution, elections must occur between the second and third weeks of May, with the voting method being approved by the first week of May, and the voter list by the second. Neither one of this things will happen in time, but it seems that they want to have the process happen in May, since the group announced one of the tightest election...

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Governor dedicates new PortMiami Tunnel

[styled_box title=”THE MIAMI HERALD” class=”sb_orange”] Governor dedicates new PortMiami Tunnel [/styled_box] Yesterday, the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott dedicated the new PortMiami Tunnel, a billion dollar, 30 years in the making project that is set to open this week. Of note is that the project was first proposed by none other than Maurice Ferre, former mayor of the City of Miami, who also had a bid for the Senate. From Wikipedia: Ferré was the first Puerto Rican-born United States mayor and the first Hispanic Mayor of Miami. He was an unsuccessful candidate in the 2010 elections for the U.S. Senate seat for Florida vacated by Mel Martínez for the Democratic primary. Ferré, born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, was born into a wealthy Puerto Rican family. He was the son of businessman José Ferré and nephew of the former governor of Puerto Rico Luis A. Ferré. From the article: Most of the speakers praised Maurice Ferre, the former mayor of Miami who in the early 1980s was the first to propose a tunnel to the port. “Miami takes 30 years sometimes to do things,” Ferre said, “but eventually the right thing is...

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The Problem of Ignorance

[styled_box title=”@KSTREETHIPSTER” class=”sb_orange”] The Problem of Ignorance [/styled_box] You know her on Twitter as @KStreetHipster (and if you don’t, what is wrong with you?), and now she has a blog. On her very first post on ignorance and other things, she does a great job of explaining the fundamental problem with the disenfranchisement of the residents of the District of Columbia, who face the same issues as the territories when it comes to representation in Congress. From the piece: “We do not live in a democracy. We live at the whim of the rest of the country’s wishes to inflict upon us whatever laws they wish while at the same time blaming my city for their troubles. “ Switch territory for city, and you have the status problem of Puerto Rico and the other territories summarized. A great read and must follow blog (even if it isn’t on...

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