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Author: William-Jose Velez

Take Five with Pedro Pierluisi

Heard on the Hill, Roll Call’s gossip blog, interviewed Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi for their Take Five series. It’s a short piece having nothing to do with legislative work or current events, so it’s a nice distraction. Q. What is one thing you would like your fellow members of Congress to know about Puerto Rico? A.  People from all over the world live in America and you can be an American and yet also be very proud of your ethnic, racial, cultural, roots. That’s Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s what America’s becoming. Roll Call Heard on the Hill: Take Five: Pedro R....

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Liana Fiol Matta will be the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico

Fortaleza has scheduled a press conference for today 5:00pm to announce who will replace Federico Hernandez Denton as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, but social media has preempted the announcement. Liana Fiol Matta, 68, appears to be the chosen nominee according to a Facebook post from her sister. This appointment however isn’t expected to last much. Fiol Matta turns 70 in 2016. Just in time for the general...

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Two Governors for the price of one

Noticel has an interesting piece on the rumors regarding who holds true power in the halls of Fortaleza. It appears that the person calling the shots is Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s brother, Antonio Garcia Padilla, who previously served as President of the University of Puerto Rico. A picture of the latter’s car in Fortaleza on a day the actual Governor is in the mainland fueled the talk about the real power dynamic in the executive branch. It’s a very troublesome if not entirely surprising situation. The Governor isn’t particularly known for his intellectual chops and appears to be easily swayed. Not helping the situation is the executive’s admission that he consults with his sibling on certain issues.Think Raymond Tusk to President Garrett Walker (this is a House of Cards reference and if you didn’t get it, you need to stop what you’re doing and go binge watch it now.) Though, that makes us wonder, in this scenario, who is the Frank Underwood? Noticel: Si el Gobernador no está, está su...

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Introducing #Bocaítos

Today Pasquines launches a new section within its website: Bocaítos. In it we will be linking to interesting stories on other websites that are driving the political conversation in the territory. You can see new bocaítos here and on...

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America the beautiful

The moment the Coca Cola ad aired praising this nation for its virtues and its people, I couldn’t help but to feel a sense of pride and patriotism. Sadly, I was sure that there would be some sort of backlash or outrage from those usual fringes of society, that while not representative of our character, nowadays get much more recognition then before. What I didn’t expect was for individuals whom I deem to be reasonable to criticize the ad, demanding that America the beautiful be only sung in English. It is somewhat shocking to see these attacks coming from individuals that have influence in our national affairs, especially when they say this is our being on a “road to perdition” (admittedly, Allen West’s statement was not exactly surprising). Not everyone who criticized the ad is a bigot or racist, but they have taken an indefensible position that stands at odds with everything that this nation was founded upon. How can it be that the nation conceived in liberty attacks those who sing it praises in languages that reflect their own cultural heritage? Since when is there an established definition of what it means to be an American, that excludes expressing your culture? It simply makes no sense for our framers to have intended to have a homogeneous nation that speaks one language, both because it would have undermined the...

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