Following the announcement by Phillip Arroyo that he would not seek another term as president of the Puerto Rico Chapter of the Young Democrats of America, elections were held and the leadership of the chapter has now fallen in hands of the Popular Democratic Party. Ricardo Alfaro, Director of Digital Strategy for the Governor of Puerto Rico won the presidency of the chapter, marking the first time in years a statehood proponent is not at the helm of the organization. Alfaro prevailed over Zulma Rovira who had the support of Arroyo for the presidency of the chapter.

Despite the bipartisan congratulatory remarks for Alfaro, the turn of events represents a setback for an organization that on several occasions has issued resolutions and voiced its support of self determination initiatives and most recently, for the admission of Puerto Rico as the next US state. In fact it seems that Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla has threatened to seek a withdrawal of the resolution recently enacted by the YDA asking for the acknowledgement of the results of the 2012 plebiscite, and the admission of Puerto Rico into the union. The organization still has in its platform its support for Puerto Rico statehood, language that will remain there until 2015.

The election of Alfaro marks the first time in recent memory PPD members get actively involved with national political organizations, since in recent years only New Progressive Party and statehood supporters had done so with both the Democratic and Republican parties.