In what can be classified as a pattern, the Government of Puerto Rico is now once again embroiled in a controversy over shared resources with the Popular Democratic Party, on this occasion, over its latest campaign for economic development, and the website

Alerta Progresista, the media arm of the New Progressive Party uncovered that the domain of the website is registered to Luis Herrero and his company Explorer Company. Herrero is the nephew of former governor Anibal Acevedo Vila, and is the current Director of Media Campaigns of the PPD. After the allegations surfaced, the whois record was changed and the information was private.

This is not the first time this type of situation arises, since a few days ago the NPP also criticized the use of the Puerto Rico by Puerto Ricans platform and API access for the Casa Grande initiative of the PPD. Like then, this time there are individuals with access and control of government resources despite not being on the government’s payroll or being in an official contract.

So far there has been no response from Fortaleza or the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, which is the agency responsible for the new campaign.