As Joseph Rossi covered earlier this week, Jeb Bush’s visit to Puerto Rico stirred up several debates. This time the Latin Post covers how Bush’s visit prompted a debate on statehood, with the National Review writing against, and local Puerto Rico politicians writing to The Hill in response, as we’ve covered earlier.

From the article:

Jeb Bush’s comments on Puerto Rico’s status, which the Republican presidential hopeful made in late April,  have reignited a debate on whether the U.S. territory is ready to become the nation’s 51st state.

“Puerto Rican citizens — U.S. citizens — ought to have the right to determine whether they want to be a state,” the former Florida governor had said, according to the National Review. And Bush insisted that residents of the Caribbean commonwealth should have a new up-or-down plebiscite on the issue.

Just more talk of the usual, as it happens in every presidential cycle.


PS Puerto Rico is not a country. It is a US territory.