Are we really broken?

by May 4, 2016Opinion0 comments

If you don’t know a thing about cars and one day you try to turn on your car but it won’t start, you might give up and declare:

This car is not working anymore! I have to get a new one now!

Not knowing it was just a spark plug, you misdiagnosed the problem at a huge personal cost.

Similarly, if you don’t know a thing about politics, you might turn on the news one day and declare:

Our political system is broken! We need a new one!

Not knowing that minor reform could fix the process, you misdiagnosed the problem.

Our country can’t afford a costly misdiagnosis. Our political system, that has served us well for 200 years, is not beyond repair. What we need is a “mechanic.”

It’s time our country and our voters take the time to carefully consider where we go next, because the wrong decision could cost us our future.