Super Tuesday IV, with primaries in 6 different states, is only a few days away and that is why we decided to give you something directly related to the presidential race. Unlike the previous episodes of our Weird Political Ads Friday, this week we are presenting you parodies done by Saturday Night Live. You do not want to miss them!

Isn’t it just hilarious? At first, it seems pretty normal. The actors are giving us basic reasons why they are voting for Trump. Then, the people are asked why they are supporting Trump. This is when things start to get priceless. The first guy lifts his arm with a Nazi armband on. Next, the lady that was ironing clothes tells us her reason. Oh, by the way, she is ironing a Ku Klux Klan robe. The third guy, who was painting the wall, is not simply painting, but writing White Power on the side of his house. The next lady has MUSLIMS written on the board, as if she was crafting a plan to get rid of them. Later, we see a handsome man burning books in his living room. Lastly, the ad features a lumberjack. Luckily, the lumberjack is not doing anything inappropriate, but there clearly is a KKK meeting going on in the background with 3 guys in white robes and a burning cross. Words are not enough to describe how absurdly funny this video is.

Let’s not forget Hillary! Similarly, this political ad is what you need if you want to feel the fun side of the presidential elections. The actor playing Clinton has done a great job on her impersonation, especially the voice.