It has been a rough year for Texas senator Ted Cruz. He had to suspend his campaign following a huge blow in Indiana. In this episode of Weird Political Ads Friday, we are giving you a Ted Cruz you have never seen before.

Like any commercials, political ads are meant to show the candidate looking perfect. Looking perfect not only draws attention but also gets a few extra votes for the candidate. In this video, released by CNN, we are given what actually occurs during the shoots of Ted Cruz’s campaign ad.

It would be unfair to say that Ted Cruz is the only person that acts like that during the shoots. It is probable that almost every politician had to go through these moments to look as camera-friendly as possible.

Unfortunately, Ted Cruz’s ad’s behind-the-scenes is the only one we have and we have to make fun of it. Truthfully, three different parts of this video got my attention the most. The part where Ted Cruz and his sibling give each other fake hugs over and over was pretty awkward. Next, it was entertaining to see Ted Cruz telling his kids what to do during their dinner prayers. Lastly, it was just amazing to see Ted Cruz repeat I endorse this message dozens of times.

So what do you guys think, will Ted Cruz run in 2020? If he does, he certainly has to do better than this.