What would happen if politicians were honest at all times? Is that even possible?

Fortunately, Gil Fulbright is as honest as it gets. Unlike the other 99.9% of politicians, Fulbright is neither scared nor embarrassed to tell the public his true intentions. He is not only truthful about what he will do, but he does not abstain about telling us what he is actually doing in his ad.

Right from the beginning, Fulbright tells us that he is not really interested in running for President. Instead, he is running because “the people who bankroll his political career” told him so.

Later, he suggests that he is not qualified for being the president. But, he knows that a dramatic enough angle might make him look qualified. To see what else Fulbright wholeheartedly thinking about his campaign don’t forget to watch the video.

Honest Political Ads were created by Represent.Us, an organization with two goals: Ending corruption and defending the Republic. The group gained recognition with their video “Gil Fulbright for Senate 2014”. Since then, they have been trying to fight corruption.

Let’s hope that one day, all politicians will be as honest as our man Gil!