We are featuring something you have never seen on this week’s Weird Political Ad Friday! For a second time, the Canada Party has officially announced that it will be racing in the 2016 Presidential Election. Like any other political party, they have come up with their own political ad, but in a Canadian way.

The ad, which runs for 2 minutes, has been published under the YouTube account of Brian Calvert, supposedly the leader of the Canada Party. Calvert begins with the basic flaws of this year’s presidential elections. Then, he changes the topic to how the Canada Party assures that it will “make America good again.”

Surprisingly, the party has a website, where supporters can donate small amounts of money. They also produce various products, including a book and a “make America good again!” hat.

According to their website, the party has been established in 2012. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in their run in the 2012 Presidential elections. Their campaign ads were featured in popular news sources such as CNN, BBC, and CBC.

Maybe the Canada Party will be successful this year! Good Luck, Calvert!