In this week’s Weird Political Ads Friday, we are featuring Dwayne Stovall from Texas. This ad was made for his campaign for the United States Senate elections of 2014 in Texas. It was uploaded on his official channel on February 13th 2014. The video is about half a minute.

In the beginning, we see Stovall sitting on the back of his pick-up with a dog on his left and a shotgun on his right. Stovall talks about his opinion of senator Mitch McConnell. He compares him to a turtle and shows a picture of a cartoon turtle next to Sen. McConnell’s face. I am not going to lie, but even I can see some clear similarities. The video ends with his dogs telling Stovall “I like turtle soup.”

In the 2014 Senate campaign, he ran as a Republican representing Texas. Stovall,could not make it to the general elections, because of his loss in the Republican primary to John Cornyn, who continued to win the election, as well. In the Republican primaries Stovall received 10.7% of the total votes, and got 3rd place out of the 7 candidates. John Cornyn, the winning candidate, finished the primaries by receiving about 60% of the total votes.

Not being pleased with the primary results in 2014, Dwayne Stovall briefly sought election to the US House to represent the 36th Congressional District of Texas. His campaign did not last long and did not make it to the ballot.