In this week’s Weird Political Ad Friday, we present you a politician that we have seen a lot this year, Carly Fiorina. She ran for the Republican nomination for the upcoming elections and suspended her campaign after the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. Later on, she teamed up with Ted Cruz as his VP pick. Unfortunately for her, that was not successful either.

This awkward political ad was released in 2010, as part of Fiorina’s campaign for the US Senate. The fact that Fiorina portrayed her rival candidate as a demon sheep with glowing red eyes is bizarre. But, what made me laugh in particular was that Fiorina actually paid a man to dress like a sheep. The video has also received some attention from sources including The Young Turks and The New York Times, saying that the video is easily one of the weirdest ads of all-time.

On the other hand, this hilarious ad did not manage to bring any success during Fiorina’s campaign. Barbara Boxer, a Democrat who received more than half of the votes, beat Fiorina, who got only 42%.

I guess that one similarity between most of the videos we include in our weekly ‘Weird Political Ads Friday’ is that they, unfortunately, belong to mostly unsuccessful candidates.