Puerto Rico’s September 12 political week in tweets

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Brazil’s Congress Leaders Attempted to Sneak Bill That Would Grant Self-Amnesty

To protect themselves from their own punishment, Brazil Congress members attempted to sneak a bill into their voting schedule–one that would allow themselves amnesty despite having infringed on campaign finance laws. This course of action sheds light onto the corruption within the new faction of leaders that seized power in Brazil after impeaching their previous president.


Investors Back-up Oversight Board in Puerto Rico

Creditors are hopeful of Puerto Rico’s oversight board which has attracted asset managers such as BlackRock back-up the board, who have previously tried avoiding the Puerto Rican debt. In addition to that, Barclays have stated that the investment grade bonds issued by Puerto Rico are worth about $8bn, and have seen returns of more than 10 per cent this year.


1/4 of Senators Deny Aid and Funding to Puerto Rico in Midst of Zika Epidemic.

Funding for Puerto Rico’s Zika crisis is still being held back despite the island being the epicenter of Zika in the US.


Protests Erupt in Puerto Rico as PROMESA is Being Implemented

Recently, hundreds of citizens began protesting PROMESA’s oversight board as they believe the act strips them from having economic, political and social autonomy. The island also protested against the Walmart corporation, arguing that big companies  have damaged their local economy and contributed to the economic crisis plaguing Puerto Rico as of now.


New York’s Federal Court Has Charged Ahmad Khan Rahmi, 28, on Tuesday for the Bombings in Chelsea

Ahmad Khan Rahami was arrested in connection with explosions in New York and New Jersey that injured 29 people this past weekend. Although there is little information on the motive behind the bombing, Rahami’s father had contacted police previously suspecting that his son was involved with terrorism.