We might forget that Americans are not the only ones who manage to come up with absurd political ads. Canadians, just like Americans, are just as capable as American politicians at creating pointless ads for their campaigns.

This week’s ad features Canadian Wyatt Scott’s ad for the Canadian Parliament. In the video, we can see the candidate doing various things such as pulling out the Excalibur sword, fighting a giant robot, and even fighting a dragon. Additionally, the sheer amount of poor green-screen usage puts the ad in a new low.

Although the quality of the ad might hint at the campaign being fake, it actually is as real as it gets. Wyatt Scott ran as a candidate for the Canadian federal elections to get elected as the representative of the Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon district.

As any rational being would expect, Scott fell short in the elections. With only 914 votes, making up 2.5% of the total, he managed to be the second last as an independent candidate. Elaine Wismer of the Marxist-Leninist party got less than 60 votes, making her the last. Personally, I think I would get more than 100 votes even by telling my friends to vote for me.

According to Wyatt Scott’s YouTube account, he is planning to run in the upcoming elections in 4 years.