New national group to tackle Puerto Rico crisis

by Sep 19, 2016Economy0 comments

The Sunday before the Democrat Convention was held, a surprising 150 individuals came out to converse over the National Puerto Rico Agenda.  Less than a month after PROMESA had been signed into law, the meeting was held in Camden, New Jersey.  The one hundred and fifty included Puerto Rico elected officials, community leaders, and activists from all over the United States.

In attendance of this meeting was Natasha Otero-Santiago who worked in public relations for the past twenty years and has spent much time with the US Hispanic market.  Her thoughts focused on the purpose of the meeting:

“Well, it’s an advocate group. It’s an advocacy group that is looking to have connections in Washington, D.C., with senators and council members in all the major areas where there are Puerto Rican communities, like Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Lancaster, New York and Florida and Chicago. And that’s one of the things that we are—we are the most interested in, finding new political leaders, adhering ourselves to political leaders that are right now, letting them know that we are a watchdog now for the PROMESA and the fiscal board, and I think that’s one of the things that is most important for us.”

Not only will the measures of PROMESA being implemented serve as the ground-breaking steps to launching some sort of financial fix for this territory, this additional advocate group is setting up for future prime political leaders; much like a corporate board collaborating to find the potentially most beneficial CEO.