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Author: Rachel Szeyller

In veto override of recent 9/11 bill, a lesson on responsible governance

In light of the recent fifteen year anniversary of the September 11 terrorism attacks, a new bill been passed through Congress in order to allow 9/11 victims to sue the Saudi Arabian government for compensation.   The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) passed through Congress only to be vetoed by President Barack Obama.  President Obama deemed this bill against the best interest of the United States as a whole.  Although many of these victims are still waking up to the constant reminder of the day their lives’ changed forever, Obama fears that this will open up the US...

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New national group to tackle Puerto Rico crisis

The Sunday before the Democrat Convention was held, a surprising 150 individuals came out to converse over the National Puerto Rico Agenda.  Less than a month after PROMESA had been signed into law, the meeting was held in Camden, New Jersey.  The one hundred and fifty included Puerto Rico elected officials, community leaders, and activists from all over the United States. In attendance of this meeting was Natasha Otero-Santiago who worked in public relations for the past twenty years and has spent much time with the US Hispanic market.  Her thoughts focused on the purpose of the meeting: “Well,...

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Book of the week: The Conservatarian Manifesto

Coming from someone who has always been on the fence with politics and unable to truly identify a name to categorize my platform, this book was a breath of fresh air. It was joy to read an author that doesn’t just choose right or left and insinuate the other is completely incorrect or even idiotic. To summarize The Conservatarian Manifesto: Libertarians, Conservatives, and the Fight for the Right’s Future, a short and easy read, the author is establishing a new wave of right wing politics that takes on a rejuvenated view of being a conservative, all while holding to the...

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The possible members of Puerto Rico’s new Oversight Board

In an attempt by President Obama to remind the citizens of Puerto Rico that the United States has not forgotten about their current debt crisis, he has signed off a rescue bill for this territory.  The US Senate recently passed this bill, the PROMESA (Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act).  This act will establish an Oversight Board to plan and manage the response to the nearly 70 billion dollar debt engulfing Puerto Rico.  As romantic as this new legislation sounds, the governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla, admits this while needed,  is not consistent with our...

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Unrecognized territory

When we consider the topic of states and what it means to be a state, most of us think of the standard fifty that we were educated on, back when we were bestowed upon the knowledge of primary colors and cursive characters.  Much like a majority of people that get stuck in their ways, it is hard for some to branch off that base of knowledge; therefore the recognition of United States territories seems to fly under all of our radars.    Looking at polls from YouGov, it has been shown that forty-one percent percent of American citizens don’t...

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