In this week’s article, we will be featuring Thomas Ravenel from South Carolina. This ad was released in September 2014 for the Senate elections.

There are various things that are absurd about this video. To begin with, the whole video is in slow-motion. Luckily, the people do not speak, so we are saved from the agony of enduring that.

However, there are thumbs-ups, creepy thumbs-ups.

Previously, Thomas Ravenel was the State Treasurer of South Carolina. Using his status as a politician in the state, he decided to run in the 2014 Senate Elections as a conservative Independent.

Ravenel lost in the general elections by a landslide. Out of the four total candidates, he managed to get fourth place with only 3.9% of the total votes. Lindsey Graham, the candidate that Ravenel disliked the most, got the Senate seat with more than half of the total votes.

One of the reasons that might have caused a loss for Ravenel might be his resignation from being the State Treasurer of South Carolina, after pleading guilty to cocaine possession.