Puerto Rico’s October 17-23 political week in tweets

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Puerto Rico Board wants lawsuits halted as it seeks to fix debt

The federal oversight board, put in place when the controversial PROMESA bill was signed into law, has argued that lawsuits filed by bondholders should be halted while the board begins its task of restructuring the $70 billion deficit Puerto Rico is under. The moratorium on litigation filed by creditors is scheduled to last until January 15th. U.S. District Judge Francisco Besosa will rule on whether it should be lifted.


In veto override of recent 9/11 bill, a lesson on responsible governance

With Congress’s override in response to President Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, the issue of sovereign immunity has been brought forth in American discourse. The possibility of American citizens being able to take legal action against Saudi Arabia, a sovereign state, has potentially opened the United States to lawsuits filed by citizens of foreign states, seeking damages from the actions of the American government, such as its military.


Hillary Clinton presses her advantage over a struggling Donald Trump

As the final weeks of the presidential race close, the possibility of Donald Trump winning have become more and more less likely. Republican leaders have shifted to a different narrative, urging voters to support down ticket candidates running for congress in order to prevent Hillary from rubber stamping legislation.


Is the media giving Hillary Clinton a pass for her own ‘Aleppo moment’?

Third party candidates, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, have raised the issue of Hillary Clinton’s own foreign policy mistake. During the final debate, Clinton stated that Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city and under under the control the Islamic State, was on the border of Syria. Mosul is actually 75 miles from the Syrian border. After receiving heavy criticism of his “what is Aleppo” comment, Johnson has asserted that the media has showed a bias towards Clinton for failing to grill her on her own geographical mistake.


McMullin surge threatens to squeeze Trump’s already narrow path to victory

Evan McMullin, running as an independent in the presidential race, threatens to unseat Trump in Utah, robbing him of crucial electoral votes. McMullin has seen a massive increase in Utah following the release of leaked audio in which Trump boasts of what many consider sexual assault. The majority Mormon states has rallied behind McMullin, who is also a Mormon, providing them with a palatable alternative conservative candidate they can vote for.