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Author: William Robertson

Puerto Rico’s October 24-30 political week in tweets

Puerto Rico’s healthcare crisis could teach the US a lesson On #healthcare, despite the crisis, #PuertoRico is doing more with less funding. — Pasquines (@Pasquines_US) October 26, 2016 As Puerto Rico’s medical experts continue to emigrate to the mainland, Puerto Rico will face a potential healthcare crisis. Puerto Rico continues to do more with less, but funds allocated to the island to cover its health care costs will soon run dry, and with that will come a crisis as more residents suffer from chronic illnesses with fewer doctors to treat them.   Newly arriving Puerto Ricans may...

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Puerto Rico’s October 17-23 political week in tweets

Puerto Rico Board wants lawsuits halted as it seeks to fix debt Puerto Rico federal oversight board wants lawsuits halted as the commonwealth seeks to fix its debt — Bloomberg (@business) October 22, 2016 The federal oversight board, put in place when the controversial PROMESA bill was signed into law, has argued that lawsuits filed by bondholders should be halted while the board begins its task of restructuring the $70 billion deficit Puerto Rico is under. The moratorium on litigation filed by creditors is scheduled to last until January 15th. U.S. District Judge Francisco Besosa will rule...

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Puerto Rico’s October 10-16 political week in tweets

Why people wait more than a year to see a doctor in Puerto Rico Special Report: Why Puerto Rico borrowed roughly $25 billion to pay for public healthcare. — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) October 16, 2016 Puerto Rico’s health care system continues to deteriorate after being barred from borrowing in the wake of its unfolding economic crisis. Doctors continue to leave the island, at a rate four times higher than the rest of the population, in the face of rising overhead costs and decreasing income. This exodus of trained medical professionals has led to a lack of...

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Puerto Rico’s October 3 political week in tweets

Puerto Rico oversight board’s success may hinge on the ballot box #PuertoRico oversight board's success may hinge on the ballot box — Reuters Legal (@ReutersLegal) October 5, 2016 Governor Padilla’s draft plan to overcome Puerto Rico’s mounting debt and infrastructure crisis will most likely be scrapped come November when new elections are held for Governor. Ricky Rossello, the most likely candidate to win the election, is more receptive to the bipartisan oversight board that was put into place once PROMESA was passed. Rossello opposes ideas that Governor Padillas has put forward, such as defaulting on debts and...

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Puerto Rico’s August 22-26 political week in tweets

Puerto Rico’s Environmental Crisis That No One Is Talking About Ltr to EPA Admin McCarthy re toxic landfill sites in #PuertoRico More: @GreenLatino #p2 — Luis V. Gutierrez (@RepGutierrez) August 25, 2016 A recent report released by Puerto Rico Limpio, a watchdog group cofounded by Puerto Rican attorney Hiram Torres Montalvo, has stated that the EPA is responsible for gross negligence in regards to the standards that landfills in Puerto Rico operate. In 1994, the EPA granted Puerto Rico’s Environmental Quality Board control over local landfills in order to bring them under compliance of EPA standards. The...

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