Puerto Rico’s October 3 political week in tweets

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Puerto Rico oversight board’s success may hinge on the ballot box

Governor Padilla’s draft plan to overcome Puerto Rico’s mounting debt and infrastructure crisis will most likely be scrapped come November when new elections are held for Governor. Ricky Rossello, the most likely candidate to win the election, is more receptive to the bipartisan oversight board that was put into place once PROMESA was passed. Rossello opposes ideas that Governor Padillas has put forward, such as defaulting on debts and making deep spending cuts.


John McCain withdraws his support for Donald Trump after the release of sexually explicit comments

John McCain, The former Republican presidential nominee, has officially renounced his endorsement for Donald Trump following the release of a tape in which he describes sexually assaulting women. McCain is only one of many Republican leaders to chastise Trump or withdraw support as Trumps poll numbers continue to fall.


4 Guilty in one of Puerto Rico’s biggest corruption cases

Ivonne Falcon, the former head of Puerto Rico’s water and sewer company, and Sally Lopez, the former director of Puerto Rico’s Labor Development, have been found guilty of bribery and conspiracy to commit election fraud. It was revealed that Anaudi Hernandez, a businessman and former campaign fundraiser, would exchange gifts in return for political favors and contracts.


Mike Pence disavows Donald Trump’s earlier proposal barring Muslims

Mike Pence has denied that Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims entering the United States still stands. In multiple television interviews, Pence went on the record and stated that Trump no longer wants to bar people from entering the country based solely on religion.


The mass exodus from Puerto Rico may be very good for Hillary Clinton

As Puerto Rico’s economic crisis continues to drive citizens of Puerto Rico towards the mainland, the exodus could prove beneficial to the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, in the upcoming presidential election. Latino voters in Florida, including those having recently left Puerto Rico, favor Hillary Clinton by nearly 75 percent. Those voters could prove vital in Florida, which is a coveted swing state.