Puerto Rico’s October 24-30 political week in tweets

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Puerto Rico’s healthcare crisis could teach the US a lesson

As Puerto Rico’s medical experts continue to emigrate to the mainland, Puerto Rico will face a potential healthcare crisis. Puerto Rico continues to do more with less, but funds allocated to the island to cover its health care costs will soon run dry, and with that will come a crisis as more residents suffer from chronic illnesses with fewer doctors to treat them.


Newly arriving Puerto Ricans may help deliver Florida to Clinton

An estimated 1,000 families leave Puerto Rico every month, and being US citizens, able to register to vote immediately. A largely Democratic leaning demographic, the more than 1 millions Puerto Ricans living in Florida may prove to be a vital push Clinton will need to secure the state’s electoral votes come November 8th.


Emails in Anthony Weiner inquiry jolt Hillary Clinton’s campaign

A separate investigation into Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of a top Clinton aide, has reeponed the debate revolving around Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Tens of thousands of unknown emails have been discovered that may be important to an FBI investigation that closed in July. Though the emails may be duplicates of already reviewed ones, the announcement comes at a very inopportune time for the Clinton campaign.


Dems sue GOP over Trump’s ‘rigged’ complaints

The Democratic National Committee is suing the Republican National Committee due to the perceived inaction by the RNC in regards to Donald Trump’s claims that the election is “rigged.” The DNC claims that the accusations Trump has made, with absolutely no evidence to support them, will suppress voter turnout in minority communities.


Cruz says there’s precedent for keeping ninth Supreme Court seat empty

Ted Cruz has made the argument that the Supreme Court can operate effectively with only eight judges. In a previous statement, John McCain stated that Republicans should stonewall any candidate put forward by Hillary Clinton, but has since retracted it. Conservative scholars have made the case that McCain was right, in order to avoid the Supreme Court from tipping liberal since the 1970’s.