US Territories’ September 30-October 6, 2019 news week in tweets

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Enrique Fernández-Toledo Passes Away at 64

Enrique Fernández-Toledo was until his death director of the Puerto Rico Economic and Relief Public Policy Initiative of the Center for American Progress (CAP), based in Washington, DC. He was labeled a champion of Puerto Rico by Elizabeth Warren.

A Swim-Up Taco Bar is Drifting in the US Virgin Islands

Lime Out, a possible one of a kind taco bar, drifts 200 feet off of Hansen Bay in the US Virgin Islands. Patrons are treated to tacos and a full-service bar.

Tropical Depression Forms East of Guam With the Possibility of hitting the Northern Mariana Islands

A tropical depression has formed off the east coast of Guam. The depression is expected to grow into a super typhoon. While it looks likely that Guam will be spared from serious weather it is likely that the Northern Mariana Islands will be hit.

October 1 Marks 10 Years Since a Tsunami Devastated American Samoa

October 1st marks 10 years since a tsunami, caused by an earthquake between Samoa and American Samoa, killing 34 people in American Samoa. The disaster remains the deadliest tsunami of the 21st Century in American history.

The Northern Mariana Islands Introduces Legislation to Add 3,000 Alien Construction Workers

The Northern Mariana Islands have introduced legislation to add 3,000 alien construction workers for the next three years to deal with storm damage. The legislation further highlights the vulnerability that the residences of the Northern Mariana Islands face due to extreme weather.