Puerto Rico’s October 31-November 6 political week in tweets

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FBI with unchanged conclusion on the Hillary email case

Congress was notified on Sunday by FBI director, James B. Comey, that he had not seen any evidence in a newly discovered cluster of emails to change his conclusion that Hillary Clinton should face no charges over the classified information she has handled.


Leading governor candidate, Ricardo Rossello advocates for Puerto Rico’s statehood

Ricardo Rossello, an expected candidate to win governor of Puerto Rico, has been passionately advocating for the island to gain statehood as the 51st state in America. Ricardo stated that if in office, he would draft a state constitution, hold elections for choosing two senators and five representatives to Congress and send the results to Washington as a way to demand statehood–a strategy used  in the 18th century by Tennessee to join the union.


Puerto Rico cannot vote in Presidential Elections

In what may be the most important election yet, the colonized American territory of Puerto Rico will not be eligible to vote in this Presidential election.


Puerto Rico’s mix of conditions leads to inaction on Zika control

Amidst the Zika crisis in Puerto Rico, factors that are all environmental, political, cultural and economic contribute to inaction in controlling the virus on the island. Puerto Rico’s tropical atmosphere has perfect conditions for the mosquito borne virus to spread widely, while the island’s economic crisis weakens its health sector thus delaying control strategies to be made.


Florida Early Voting Trends Favor Clinton

Hillary Clinton is trending on the early election votes in Florida. If recent trends continue, Clinton may claim the state’s votes. However, Trump and his supporters are still attached to the idea that there is a hidden Trump vote that isn’t showing up in polls.