Puerto Rico’s July 17-23, 2017 political week in tweets

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Guaynabo, Puerto Rico preparing for a new mayor

After their previous mayor resigned following a sexual harassment scandal, the city of Guaynabo in Puerto Rico is looking for a new mayor. Although this should be a hopeful election, one of the candidates might be just as bad if not worse.  Angel Perez Otero is the new candidate, who actually lost to the previous mayor, Hector O’Neill in 2016. Although he is supported by Senator Schatz, his views on women look grim.


Puerto Rican coffee business

Pushed by the failing economy farmers are trying to restructure the coffee industry in Puerto Rico. These coffee farms in Puerto Rico are preparing what they call “specialty coffee” a coffee grain grown in a certain way that allegedly tastes better. The Puerto Rican government is actually encouraging that movement by giving classes to farmers, providing with free equipments and giving them advice. The islands have been producing coffee for decades, but always struggled with the competing countries in Latin America, due to scarce amounts of coffee. This is a new beginning.


Buying PR’s real estate

It’s been a tricky situation when it comes to investors in Puerto Rico. On one hand, many see the props of buying beautiful properties in front of the beautiful beaches the islands have to offer, but on the other paying more loans in a territory facing bankruptcy is not the best either. Nonetheless top investors are still investing in luxurious condominiums in the trendy areas.


Puerto Rico’s economy’s results on the Zoological infrastructure

The island’s economy problems can be reflected in many areas: one of them is the Zoo in the city of Mayaguez, where the conditions deteriorate by the minute due to understaffing, lack of non-perishable food and essentially lack of funds to provide a good health and living environments for the animals caged in the zoo.