Puerto Rico’s November 7-13 political week in tweets

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Puerto Rico Medical Crisis Shows no signs of Improvement

In Puerto Rico, professionals within the medical industry are directly affected by the island’s economic crisis. Up to 700 doctors, surgeons, neurologists are expected to leave the island as a result of its economic downturn, in which case, leaves its citizens as the bearers of the burden. This may cause citizens to receive delayed treatments as their medical appointments are pushed back and their conditions worsen further.


Puerto Rico elects Dr. Ricardo Rossello as the Islands’ new Governor

Puerto Rico has elected Ricardo Rossello as governor over the American territory. Rossello’s campaign advocated for the island’s statehood as the 51st state of America.


Bonds Rally in Puerto Rico After Rossello Elected Governor

General obligations in Puerto Rico are trading at its highest in 17 months since Ricardo Rossello was elected as the island’s new governor. Contrary to Puerto Rico’s previous administration with Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla–which defaulted on $1.8 billion of debt-service costs since August 2015–Rossello says he favors paying bondholders interest if they agree to wait longer for principal payments.


Republicans Become Dominant in America After Tuesday’s Elections

In terms of control over state government, it seems that Republicans are dominating at an all time high with 66 out of 99 state legislative chambers. As a result, in 2017, Republicans will have total control in government in at least 25 states.


Protests of Trump’s Election Continue

Protests erupt in frustration amidst the results of America’s tense 2016 presidential elections. In many cities, hundreds of protesters gathered around to voice disappointment and upset over President-elect Donald Trump. However, not all of these demonstrations are geared towards the election, instead some small protests call for an action to “move forward”.