Puerto Rico’s December 4-10, 2017 political week in tweets

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Even celebrities are speaking up to comment on Net Neutrality

Ending Net Neutrality would change the way our internet works today and could stop you from being able to visit your favorite websites like Netflix and youtube.

Many Americans have moved on a forgotten that Puerto Rico still needs help

It is so easy for people on the mainland to move on and forget that many Puerto Ricans have gone over 100 days without power and many other necessities! Keep up with Pasquines to stay updated on what’s happening in Puerto Rico.

Bye Bye Paul?

Paul Ryan has been a key figure in politics recently. What do you think will be his next move?

Finally a step in the right direction for Democrats

After months of fighting republicans Doug Jones was elected in Alabama. This is a big step for the Democratic party and our country.

Down to a whopping 32%..

President Trump’s approval rate continues to drop. Are you surprised?