Puerto Rico’s February 20-26, 2017 political week in tweets

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Zinke Takes Secretary of Interior Seat

Confirmed by a Senate vote of 61-38, former Montana Representative Ryan Zinke was sworn in by Vice-President Mike Pence on Wednesday as the US Secretary of the Interior.


Puerto Rico’s Government Speaks to Quell Fears of House Republicans

With the possibility of Puerto Rico becoming a state in June, Governor Ricardo Rossello made it clear that Puerto Rico would be a sort of “swing state.” Rossello said that the island is socially conservative, and that House Republicans have nothing to fear in regards to the Democrats gaining another state in Puerto Rico.


Protesters Gather Against “Mega-Hotel” in Puerto Rico

After plans were announced for the building of a mega-hotel complex on the secluded beaches of Puerto Rico, surfers and environmentalists alike gathered to protest the announcement. People of the island are torn because although the complex would ruin the coastline and beaches, it would also provide hundreds of jobs and money flow.


GOP Wants to Eliminate Tax Loopholes Enjoyed By Millions

Hoping to lower taxes and make up for lost revenue, Republicans are talking about getting rid of certain tax breaks that are enjoyed by millions of Americans. Some of the changes proposed would affect Social Security, Mortgage Interest, and Charitable Contributions.


Navy’s 355-Ship Goal Will Cost $25 Billion Each Year

With the Navy proposing expanding the 274-ship fleet to 355 ships, the Congressional Budget Office found that they would need to spend $25 billion a year for the next 30 years. On its current track to a 308-ship fleet, the Navy would be spending over $6 billion a year less than if they changed plans to 355.