Puerto Rico votes for statehood

by Jun 11, 2017Headlines, Status0 comments

It has been a long road for Puerto Rico, from electing Governor Rosselló, to declaring a form of bankruptcy, to actually getting to the polls Sunday. Many Puerto Ricans headed to the polls to let their voices be heard about where they want their future to head. Puerto Rico has seen a low voter turnout across the board. Low voter turnout may have been caused by the boycott staged by opposition parties, but many Puerto Ricans seem to think it is indifference to the situation and the islands. Initial reports suggested that it looks like a 25-30% voter turnout. A vote of 500,000 would is the lowest voter turn out since 1991. While many celebrated their Puerto Rican heritage in parades across the United States we waited to see which way results from the vote will send Puerto Rico.


With the votes in and counted there is a 97% vote for statehood with a 22% voter turnout. This means that the Puerto Rican people that voted have overwhelmingly let their voices be heard in the vote and have chosen to be united with the States and gain full access to the rights and resources that come with being American Citizens. Governor Rossello stated in an interview that he was not concerned with the percentage of turnout but rather what the vote said and by what percentage margin it was chosen. From here the Island will have another vote in October, then petition congress for a transition period over the next couple of years. However congress may disregard the will of the people and keep Puerto Rico as it is now, this is a fear of many under the Trump administration.

Though time will only tell how what happens next Puerto Rico has voiced its desire and used its will to let it be know that they love America, love being American Citizens, and wish to become the newest member of the union.