Statehood faction gains control of local Young Democrats chapter

by Aug 4, 2017Elections0 comments

According to the Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, Luis Rivera-Marín, anyone who lives in Puerto Rico and votes Republican is in favor of statehood. He said that Democrats tend to be a little unpredictable and that some are going for statehood and some are holding onto the idea of independence or merely continuing the status quo. However the newly elected president (and cabinet) of the Young Democrats in Puerto Rico has set a new path of leadership with a full commitment to statehood and in assisting the movement across Puerto Rico.

The Young Democrats is an organization typically for students to engage in political activism\.  There has been a history in the Puerto Rican chapter towards statehood which has shown the favor of statehood growing among the youth Puerto Rico. In 2012 the Young Democrats passed a resolution urging then President Barack Obama to adopt Puerto Rico as a state claiming “an overwhelming majority voted in favor of Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state.”

In their recent election of a new board, a young man named Fernando Sanchez, was elected. He is an individual who fully supports the statehood movement and he crushed the competition in the election. Sanchez was elected by a four to one margin, and has an entirely pro statehood cabinet. He plans to take a delegation to the Dallas convention of the Young Democrats to approve a statehood platform for the group, and continue working with Governor Rosselló to advance the agenda of bringing statehood to Puerto Rico and gaining the support of Congress.