Puerto Rico’s August 7-13, 2017 political week in tweets

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Puerto Rican doctors earning  less than doctors on the mainland

Doctors in Puerto Rico earn and earned significantly less than those working on the American mainland. In 2016, they earned less than half the salaries that would have been attributed in the United States. Not only are they less paid, but they possess less working resources and working conditions. This has resulted in an even bigger exodus from Puerto Rican doctors to move in the United States, in search for better paid jobs.


Case study on Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s goal is to achieve, in a few years, a fiscal paradise for investors (once again). This is to create more jobs through startups, making more Puerto Ricans stay instead to go off the mainland to look for employment. So that it would create its own start up ecosystem.


Puerto Rican teachers voted to join American federation of teachers

About 40, 000 Puerto Rican teachers voted to join the American Federation of Teachers, as a cry for help after the current bankruptcy situation has slowly been escalating in the territory of Puerto Rico, through the diverse budget cuts, but also schools closing and teachers ending job-less. The association claimed that the PROMESA‘s multiple budget cuts on teachers and learning programs, is an “attack on education”.


Invisible obstacle to Puerto Rican bankruptcy

“Although Puerto Rico already has a designated system for calculating the statistics of tourism each year, those procedures are not up to the standards recommended by the World Tourism Organization.” Another recent theory people are using to justify Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy, is the lack of data. Puerto Rico is greatly lacking  with in any data, be it salaries or production of coffee, the numbers are missing. The problem with this is, without any data it is even harder to analyze or “look at” the ongoing economic problem.


Puerto Rico bans smoking in the car with kids

It is now illegal to light up a cigarette in a car with a minor (under 18 of age). The fine will be as high as $250, just for lighting it in the car. The money recuperated from the fines will be used to build a Pediatric health center.