What to do this week of August 13, 2017

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Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience


By Jen Hofmann

40 weeks down, 64 weeks to mid-term elections. Take a breath and exhale.

The intention of this weekly document is to make clear suggestions backed by well-considered research for Americans who care about democracy and justice. While Congress is in August recess, the checklist has just 7 actions per week based on subscriber priorities.

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I believe in quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans.

Action: Support bipartisan cooperation to repair ACA.

Call: Or write your 3 MoCs  (lookup or leave message).

Script: Hi. I’m a constituent from [ZIP] and wanting [name] to know how relieved I am that the Senate’s efforts to repeal the ACA failed. I support quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans and would like to see [name] lead collaborative, bipartisan discussions on improving the ACA so that it works for everyone. Can you tell me what [name] is doing to foster this?


I believe in a government led by people of integrity.

Action: Meet your Congressional representatives in person this month.

Call: Your 3 MoCs (lookup or leave message).

Script: Hi. I’m a constituent from [town] calling to find out when [name] is holding a town hall meeting near me during August recess.

Bonus: Visit https://www.indivisibleguide.com/ for guidance on how to make the most of attending this event.


I believe in equal rights for all Americans.

Action: Stand with Charlottesville.


Action: Oppose taxpayer-funded abuse of peaceful people (hat tips).

Call: Your 1 representative (lookup or leave message).

Script: Hi, I’m from [ZIP]. I know we’re in recess, but I’m calling ahead about the budget negotiations coming up next month. Specifically, I’m deeply concerned about what I’m reading about ICE raids, detention center conditions, border patrol abuses, and deporting peaceful, vulnerable people to dangerous cities. Our treatment of immigrants amounts to sanctioned, taxpayer-funded abuse. Please let [name] know that I want him/her to cut funding to the deportation machine, and vote no on any bill that funds this abusive system. Will [name] commit to this? (pause) I want a respectful path to citizenship for our country’s 11 million undocumented people. Thanks.


Action: If the new indy film Whose Streets? is playing near you, go see it (click Get Tickets for locations).


I believe in a woman’s right to reproductive care.

Action: Oppose cutting care for women, teens, and minority and low-income women.

Call: Or write your 1 representative (lookup or leave message).

Script: Hi. I’m from [ZIP] and calling to ask [name] to reject tax cuts for millionaires at the expense of women’s health. I’m concerned that the house budget bill would bar women, teens, minorities, and low-income families from accessing lifesaving screenings and family planning support. We can’t limit women’s access to care just to enrich America’s wealthy few. Can you tell me how [name] plans to defend women in the budget?


I believe free, safe, and open voting is fundamental to a thriving democracy.

Action: Think 2018. Advocate for elections that are free of foreign hacking.

Call: Your 1 representative (lookup or leave message).

Script: Hi. I’m from [ZIP] and concerned about a second foreign hacking in the next election cycle. I would like [name] to co-sponsor H.R. 1562, the SAFE Act, which makes elections more secure. Can I count on his/her support for this bill?

Bonus: Tweet committee chairs and ranking members: Visualize our 2018 free of Russian hacking. Keep H.R. 1562 moving, @BarbaraComstock @RepLipinski @GreggHarper @RepBrady.


Deep breath innnnnnn… Deep breath ouuuuuuuut… We’ve got this.


Acts of Gratitude

Get out your stamps, postcards, and sparkle markers for some gratitude mail.

Thank Mayor Rahm Emanuel for preventing Chicago police from serving in immigration enforcement and for filing suit against threats to withhold public safety grants from sanctuary cities. Thank you for your leadership and for making Chicago a city that welcomes all people.

Address: City Hall, 121 N.La Salle St., Chicago, IL 60602


Thank Mayor Toni Harp for affirming that New Haven respects people no matter where they come from — and for offering sanctuary to asylum seekers like Marco Reyes Alvarez. Your courage and leadership help your city live up to its name. Thank you.

Address: 165 Church Street, New Haven, CT, 06510


Recommended Reading

The Myth of American Innocence (The Guardian).

Sleeping Near a Forest Fire (Jen Hofmann).


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