Puerto Rico’s July 31 – August 6, 2017 political week in tweets

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Rossello appoints PREPA board members

Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rosselló appointed two new PREPA board members that used to work for the PREPA board. One of them is Errol B. Davis Jr, an engineer with a wide experience in electricity generation, the other is attorney, Rafael Diaz Granados, who worked as CEO for many companies abroad.


Millennials for Puerto Rico

While there has been a general exodus from the islands of Puerto Rico due to the weak economy, there has been a growth in millennials either staying in Puerto Rico or coming back from the states to help their territory’s economy. Whether it be in agriculture, in tech or in restorations, many young entrepreneurs are rising, leaving their previous job and starting something new in Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico’s colonial history

“Deliberately isolated from the world by the United States, without any will of influence in anything or anybody, it has become more difficult to be a Puerto Rican in Puerto Rico.” This article was written with the purpose to urge decolonization, and to expose the view of the Puerto Rican longing to be a real Puerto Rican. Throughout this article, the overall sentiment is to realize that hiding behind the “colonizer” (US) won’t help, instead the people are encouraged to take a stand.


Marijuana industry in Puerto Rico, coming soon

Marijuana business results in creation of economic hope. While everyday people are struggling on the islands of Puerto Rico to find job openings, the marijuana industry on the island opened up a multitude of jobs in that field. It won’t necessarily “save” the economy, but it will at least soothe the employment needs, and expand a new type of business.


Governor Rosselló steps up against Oversight Board’s recommendation

“I do not accept nor will I execute the furlough submitted today by the Financial Oversight and Management Board,” Rosselló said. The Oversight Board, whose job is to come up with alternative ways to save money and take Puerto Rico out of its current bankrupt state, suggested government employees in Puerto Rico to be allowed only 2 days furlough per month. Governor Rosselló highly objected the drastic approach.