Puerto Rico’s August 14-20, 2017 political week in tweets

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Pushback to Oversight Board

More and more groups are now opposing the Oversight Board’s measures to address the crisis in Puerto Rico.


Despacito, promoting tourism down in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company is capitalizing on hit single Despacito’s success and incorporating it into Puerto Rico’s tourism campaign.


Public-private partnerships a cornerstone of Puerto Rico’s strategy for the crisis

The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration is making a strong push for more public-private partnerships to help the territory out of its crisis.


Puerto Rico Statehood Commission begins work

The Puerto Rico Statehood Commission, the entity responsible for the implementation of the Tennessee plan to achieve statehood, has been sworn in.


Government contracts under scrutiny

As the crisis in Puerto Rico shows now signs of ending, government contracts for publicity and marketing are under attack.