US Territories’ August 12-18, 2019 news week in tweets

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Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Backs Puerto Rico Over Greenland Purchase

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, upon hearing that the Trump administration has explored purchasing Greenland, asks for the White House to first take care of Puerto Rico before buying a new territory.

Puerto Rico’s Governor Mulls Declaring a State of Emergency Over Domestic Abuse

Puerto Rico’s new governor, Wanda Vazquez, and her staff are commemorating the 30th anniversary of a law outlawing domestic violence in Puerto Rico. The governor has mulled declaring a state of emergency to address the crisis of domestic violence in the territory.

ABA House Votes Down Giving a State Delegate to the US Virgin Islands

The American Bar Association has voted down giving a state delegate to the US Virgin Islands. The vote broke down 50/50 amongst the 446 delegates with a two-thirds majority needed to pass the measure.

US, Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian Navies Launch Inaugural EOD Exercise in Guam

The US, Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian Navies launched an inaugural explosive ordinance disposal training in exercise Hydracrab in Guam.

Protests Over Paving at Historical American Samoa Site

Renovations to the Fagatogo Pavilion have caused protestors to come out over the paving of an area close to the community malae. A malae is an important outdoor gathering area for the community and are sites of ceremonial interaction in Samoan culture.

Northern Mariana Islands Governor Ralph Torres Seeks Help to Curb “Birth Tourism”

Ralph Torres, the Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, has sought the federal government’s help to curb the practice of “birth tourism.” The practice is where women travel to a US state or territory to give birth thus granting their child birthright US citizenship.