US Territories’ March 15-21, 2021 news week in tweets

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Guam Delegate Michael San Nicolas Members of the Guam National Guard visit the office of Marjorie Taylor Greene 

Greene previously referred to Guam as a foreign nation, undeserving of aid. As a response, Delegate Michael San Nicolas (D) and the Guam national guard visited her office with cookies.

Senator Bob Menendez, Representative Nydia Velazquez, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduce the Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act

This act will “provide the people of Puerto Rico with an inclusive & democratic process to determine their own political future.”

Governor Lemanu Peleti Palepoi Sialega Mauga of American Samoa issues new COVID-19 declaration effective through April 18

Public gatherings, “except for religious services” remain prohibited between 12 midnight and 5 am. Operating hours of business and public transport remain the same-from 5 am to 12 midnight. However, the company of Starkist is exempt from these regulations. 

The boyfriend of a British woman who vanished without trace has refused to allow police to search the US Virgin Islands yacht where she was last seen alive

Ryan Bane, boyfriend of the missing Sarm Heslop, reported to have acquired the services of an attorney soon after the disappearance of Heslop. He “exercised his constitutional right to remain silent and denied officers’ requests to search the vessel.” Police are currently seeking a warrant to search the yacht. 

5.2 magnitude earthquake reported in the Anatahan region, of the Northern Mariana Islands

The earthquake took place on the morning of March 21.