US Territories’ September 16-22, 2019 news week in tweets

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Two Years After Hurricane Maria, Joe Biden Points to Donald Trump’s Failings

Two years after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden points out how Donald Trump has failed the people of Puerto Rico.


$100’s of Millions Diverted From Puerto Rican Military Base to Help Fund Border Wall

Camp Santiago, in Puerto Rico, was expected to receive $100’s of million in funding to help rebuild facilities in the wake of Hurricane Maria. A large portion of the funding has recently been diverted to help the Southern Border Wall. As it stands many crucial restoration efforts have been put on hold.


Strong Condemnation of Trump Administration’s Handling of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands Since Hurricane Maria

The US House Committee on Homeland condemns the Trump administration over the lack of help provided to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands in the two years since Hurricane Maria.


Second Case of Dengue Reported in Guam

The second case of dengue fever has been reported in Guam. The CDC has provided some tips on how to protect oneself from the mosquito carried virus.


Nainoa Solo Thomp to Represent American Samoa at IAAF World Championship

Nainoa Solo Thomp is set to represent American Samoa at the IAAF World Championship in Qatar. The track and field athlete competes in the hurdles.


State Department Seeks to Increase Budget for the US Pacific Islands of Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa

The State Department, as a reaction to Beijing’s aspirations in the Pacific, has asked for an increase in funds for the US Pacific territories in 2020. While many Americans think of these territories as beautiful vacation spots, their strategic military geography in the Pacific region remains paramount to the US’s influence in Asia.