US Territories’ December 2-8, 2019 news week in tweets

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Joe Biden lays out potential improvements for Puerto Rico 

Joe Biden, in a guest column, voices his support for Puerto Rico by creating a juxtaposition between how President Donald Trump has treated the territory and how he plans to help the territory if elected President. Biden does not provide any specific plans for Puerto Rico, but identifies current programs, if expanded, that could help the territory recover and prosper. 

House Democrats Slam HUD for Missing Deadline on $10.2 Billion in Funding for Puerto Rico 

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has missed a deadline that was set over 90 days ago to provide funding for hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. House Democrats deem the move to be illegal and highly unusual for a government agency to be so late to meet a deadline. As it currently stands HUD is withholding close to $10.2 billion in aid.

US Virgin Islands Proposes Expansion of Medical Marijuana 

In an effort to bolster the USVI’s employee retirement fund Governor Albert Bryan Jr is proposing a law to expand the legality of medical marijuana. The proposal would not make marijuana fully legal in the territory. 

Guam to Get More Environmentally Friendly

Young people continue to lead the fight for more climate conscious politics. With Guam Governor Lou Leon Guerrero stating her commitment to a more sustainable Guam.

Help Comes From 2,500 Miles Away Amid Measles Outbreak in American Samoa

The measles outbreak in Samoa has spread to American Samoa causing serious concerns for the territories public health. University of Hawaii Public Health students have organized a supply drive to try and help curb the spread of measles. While both Samoa and Hawaii are in the Pacific, the supplies will have to travel 2,500 miles to reach those in need. 

Meet the Northern Mariana Islands Teacher of the Year 

Nick Brennfleck has just been awarded the Northern Mariana Islands teacher of the year.