As the US and China compete, Guam loses

by Dec 29, 2021Guam, Opinion0 comments

We stand at the precipice of a new age. This age, for many over the age of 40, will mirror the events of their youth. A new cold war, no longer between the Soviet Union and the United States, but between the United States and the rising power of China. 

This cold war manifests itself as trade wars and propaganda from both sides, with the United States under the Biden administration labeling China as a threat numerous times. One may wonder how Guam factors into this, however just looking at a map shows its obvious strategic importance in this previously mentioned “new age” of geopolitics. 

Guam is the United State’s center for operations in Asia and a strategic location for its imperialist motives in the region, essentially being an interruption to and check on the Chinese government’s sphere of influence. 

When speaking of the proposed expansion of Guam’s military capabilities and defense in his March 9 report, PACOM leader, Phil Davidson stated that “This system [Guam defense system] is critical for defending the Homeland, including our most important American operating location in the western Pacific. America’s day begins in Guam, and it is not only a location we must fight from but one we must also fight for, given the threats we face in the near term and the foreseeable future.” The United States has realized the importance of Guam. In rhetoric put forth by the United States, Guam is mentioned as if it’s a location without a population, that is, Guam is only recognized for its value and not for the 168,000 people that live there. Guam is a pawn in the United States’ war game and the people on it, in terms of value, are nowhere near as important as the rock beneath them. 

The department of defense’s global posture review has led to the United States government drafting plans for the expansion and construction of existing and new military installations throughout Guam. Guam already exists as a hyper-militarized outpost that’s mostly neglected by the central government except when Asia becomes important in international affairs. This excessive militarization can be seen in how the citizens of Guam have to fight back against the encroaching growth of military bases and areas. Over 25% of Guam’s land area is designated for military use and this percentage will undoubtedly continue to grow.

With new advancements in missile technology by China like the supersonic missile, the United States has begun to lash out like a sick scared animal backed into a corner, its influence, and power waning as other nations grow to new heights. It is a certainty that Guam’s heightened militarization in response to a rising power in Asia will lead to Guam becoming an area focused on by the US government in the future, however, this focus will not be for the betterment of the people who have yearned for government development. The focus will only lead to the needs of the people being disregarded in favor of the needs of the military. 

The people of Guam must fight back in order to prevent the continued military encroachment as Guam becomes a center for the United States’ new war in the pacific. Citizens who cannot vote on how their land is used are not true citizens.